Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweeping up the mess. Again.

I know a lot of my blogging has to do with Brynnen, (my 1 y/o daughter), but once you have a child, (I feel) it really puts your relationship with God into perspective- the loving Father/unknowing child relationship.  Our job as parents is to teach our children, as He teaches us. He is teaching me by showing how silly my actions can be, like Brynnen's are to me-- grateful for learning experiences!! 

Recently I have found that allowing Brynnen to sit in her bumbo on the counter while I make dinner is not only effective at keeping her from clinging to my legs and whining, but is also VERY fun and educational.  She watches intently as I mix ingredients, use this and that, go here and there, and of course eat anything she can grasp!  I often wonder what she thinks while this is going on.  Later I'll teach her how to take things that are yucky alone (eggs, flour, raw meat) and create something edible & YUMMY (meatloaf, chix parm, etc).  Much like God does with us, (takes our yuckies and makes us BEAUTIFUL)- I'm sure you've all read a story with the same principle. BACK TO THE POINT...

The other day I was sweeping the dinning room and Brynnen, obviously wanting my time immediately, dragged her bumbo over.  I was just about finished, when she got impatient and wanted me to take the bumbo RIGHT THEN.  So she (very strong) proceeds to swing the bumbo toward me, hitting the dustpan.  The dustpan dropped and crumbs/dirt went every where!  All my work scattered on the floor.  I was about 5 seconds from dumping it in the trash and giving her all my attention.  Instead, I had to move her, and the bumbo, in the kitchen and leave her there fussing to go clean up the mess she caused.  I really wasn't upset, she didn't know- but right then it hit me.  How many times do we do this with our life?  We get so impatient with God and His plan or work in our life, that we drag our plans to Him showing Him what we want, when we want it...NOW.  How many times have we thwarted His plan for us? Maybe we get want in the moment ( like Brynnen got my attention), but if only we would wait for Him, yes, it would be a little bit longer, but there could be less tears/pouting and a better/quicker result the first time.  I can think of a few times I have probably caused Him to "sweep up the mess" and caused my self heartache and pain.  I'm sure it'll happen again...ahem, I mean with Brynnen of course. ;-)  So now, I'm working on resting in Him and trusting in God's plan for my life...not mine. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The next chapter is about to begin....

Wow it's been a few weeks since I last posted!  Since then, my baby girl turned 1!! Each time I think of her age, I am reminded how true it is, "we are but only a vapor in the wind"- time is closing in huh??  I'm simply amazed by God's creation, and how much Brynnen learns each day!  I really can't take credit (although I wish I could), this little girl astounds me daily- currently we are working on animal sounds.  She knows cat/kitty and dog/puppy and occasionally will do a cow.  Now I'm teaching her monkey, which includes dancing around like an orangutan! That will be fun to watch!  
Stephen starts camp on Monday- this long awaited day is quickly approaching.  I know he'll enjoy playing again, and we'll enjoy the craziness that comes with it =)  Please pray for Stephen during this time, for his body to be physically strong, his mind to stay focused, and his spirits to stay up.  You could include Brynnen and I in your prayers if you'd like- that we can be supportive in every way possible, and for all of us to be renewed each day.  I can't help but smile when I think of the peace I already have about this.  We are in such a different place in our lives this year, I feel God has granted me peace to simply "go along", there is no need to stress- just enjoy this time!  So, yes Lord, I will =)    When Stephen goes to camp, in Atlanta, Brynnen and I are going to Ohio to spend time with family and friends!!  Although I'm really not looking forward to the cold snow and freezing temperatures, I know Brynnen will have fun playing outside with her cousins!  Or, maybe the ground hog was right and spring will come early, hopefully while we are there!!