Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's that saying?

You know that saying "Can't see the forest for the trees" - you only notice the BIG stuff (the forest) and miss the SMALL stuff (the trees) or another could be "Can't see the forest in the trees" - you miss the BIG stuff (the forest) because you are focused on the SMALL stuff (the trees).

Nothing to do with the forest---We moved to Knoxville, TN over a year ago from Huntsville, AL- before that we lived in Seymour (a town south of Knoxville).  I miss the breath taking view of the mountains we had there.  Every time we would pop over the main hill- past Kroger, if you've ever been there, you know what I'm talkin about...Whhhhhhhhheeeewww, we were blown away by the panoramic mountainous view, GORGEOUS- oh and the random, ugly golden arches.  Not kidding, probably would have been a page on a calendar if it weren't for those gaudy arches, even now I roll my eyes just thinking about it. Ha.  You get the idea- I LOVE seeing God's handiwork every day.  If I could, I would have a HUGE front porch with rocking chairs facing the mountains, I'd probably  never leave.  Sure, now we live in the "country" so I get to see a tiny bit of scenery driving "in to town" if Stephen is driving & I'm' not doing anything else.  It's one of those "if you blink, you miss it."  Sad day.

Man, I miss those mountains. 

The other day I was driving home "the long way" (we live in the middle of 2 Hwy's so we usually go the short way unless we need something from the other side aka "the long way" - difference being all of about 5 mins).  Anyway, I saw a sweet little mountain range, peaking over the trees, in the direction of our house.  Hmmm, weird- never noticed that before.  I made a point to watch as I continued driving, but got distracted & completely forgot about it.  Until today.  Wednesday.  Baby bookworm day @ the Carter library.  Pulling out I saw this...
Seriously?!  How long has that been there!  Clearly I know it wasn't added last night while we were sleeping, but why had it taken me 14 months & 25 days to notice it??  I knew we had a few hills around us, but a mountain? Come on!  That's Amazing.  "Can't see the mountain in the hills"?  Ha ha. It's not huge, but it makes me smile- even with houses, buildings and the undeveloped lots.  I'm pretending it's just for me.  By far, best thing about Mascot. :)  I'm smiling now looking at the pic, not sure if it's b/c there is a mountain by our house, or because I feel silly just noticing it. Ha either way, I'll take it! :)

Back to the forest--You ever feel like that with life?  You've got some much going on, problems all around (or maybe just one).  You're thinking, "God, please get me out of here"- and He will, in His timing.  All you see is frustration, unsolved issues, ends not meeting, time not cooperating (a whole day gone, and nothing finished??? been there!).  Then, out of the cloudiness all around you comes light, clarity and peace. Ahhh, a breath of air.  And what's this?  A new perspective, new attitude, gained wisdom, and probably some patience taught?  You see the problems, God sees the work in your heart.  He is slowly completing HIS masterpiece.  Virtues added in the mist of a crisis (sometimes simply called life).  Problems will come back my friend, people will disappoint you-again, sickness comes and goes, money may or may not fade away- all those are disposable anyway.  Those little nuggets of "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control**,"  will NEVER return void and will carry you through next issues.    I like to say here "Can't see the masterpiece in the paint" He's not through with you friend, don't give up, give it to Jesus. 

**Galatians 5:22-23   

Sunday, October 9, 2011

fall, bedtime & God's love.

Here it FAVORITE season.  MMM I love hoodies, boots, fall smells & tastes, playing outside after dinner and cuddling under blankets with hot chocolate!  Yes, I'm excited for Fall!

Another favorite...bedtime with Brynnen!

Stephen and I have started putting Brynnen to bed together, one of us rocks her, the other prays, each night we switch.  Recently I have been holding/rocking Brynn as long as possible each night.  I close my eyes and breathe deep, a smile creeps across my face as I am reminded this is the only time I get to hold her like this.  Sure she will come say "I hold you" (meaning she wants me to hold her) or climb on my lap while we relax after dinner- but that lasts about 30 seconds then something else has her attention.  So back to the rocking chair, cuddling with my baby girl reminds me what a sweet blessing she is.  I love everything about her, her beautiful eyes, her silly grin, the way she laughs & says "sill-wee dad-dee" when they play together.  Ohhhh, I could squeeze her and never want to let her go.  God gave us the sweetest angel ever.  (I don't mean angel as if she never gets in trouble, but like created heavenly being).  I've never encountered an angel that I know of, but I tell you what, that little girl has to be pretty close!  

Her sin nature shows often, her newest being "NO! MINE-T" (yes she says mine with a "t" on the end).  Where did she even learn that??  There are times when she doesn't get her way she'll throw herself on the floor, or pout- but even the worst days of continual whining, disobeying and getting into things, is completely washed away when I cuddle her before bed and I can't wait to spend tomorrow with her.  I can't even explain it.  How can I have so much love in my heart for something so small!  As we sit there I'm reminded of Christ's love for us.  I love that I can demonstrate His love to her by being patient, teaching her right things, and even singing praise with her.  (Her "Jesus loves me" is "gee-sus, gee-sus gee-sus" it makes me smile, especially when she follows that with "elmo worrrd").  SO grateful for this "little crazy" God has blessed us with.

If I feel this way about 1 child, think how big God's heart has to be to contain all the love He has for us!  Think how even the "worst of the worst" offenders (myself included) can be completely washed clean, daily!  He loves us SO much, He gave us the ability to love, so imagine how much more He loves us.  Wow.   Humbling.  Freeing.  Amazing.