Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just what I need....

my crazie!!
I just had the BEST cuddle time with Brynnen.  She's starting to be a big girl, and not wanting to cuddle, ever.  She is a mover and a shaker (by shaker I mean girl with feisty lil attitude- haha).  She is learning SO much, I know that I have repeated that several times, and I'm sure seasoned moms are rolling their eyes over how much I dote on this crazy girl that is my life.  God has definitely blessed her with some smarts, funnies and crazy genes!  However, those mean nothing if her heart isn't for Him, that is my daily prayer for her- that she will grow up and do some SPECTACULAR things for Christ!  OK, back to cuddles... Our night routine with Brynnen includes picking up toys, milk, saying "night night" to mommy/daddy (whomever isn't putting her down), rocking for a bit, then bed.  Recently as we settle down to rock her, she will rock for a couple minutes and then point to her bed and say "Beh beh", (oh you want your bed?? SURE!)  Go down easy & save us some time, YES PLEASE, so we put her in bed.  The last couple nights Stephen has been the one to put Brynnen to bed, after he put her down, as he was closing the door she leaned her head up and said "nigghh nigghh". MELT. MY. HEART.  I couldn't believe it.  That was the past 2 nights, so tonight I got to put her down.  As we were rocking she leaned up and gave me a kiss, threw her arms around my shoulders and gave me a SQUEEZE. Several times.  Man, if that isn't the best feeling in the world, I don't know what is.  I LOVE Brynnen hugs!  Then she looked at me again, and repeated the whole thing- with EXTRA squeezy's this time.  Oh, wow, nothing could make my day more.  So after a few more kisses, and a little game of "point to mommy's face" (which she just made up tonight- she pointed to a part of my face and waited for me to tell her what it was).  I didn't want her getting too worked up, so I squeezed her and said it was time for bed.  As I was walking out, I said "night night", very excited to finally experience her sweet wishes myself- well how surprised was I when she said "wouve ouu........nigghh nigh".  WHAT?! REALLY?! *HUGE GRIN* Needless to say, I'm on cloud 9, lovin with my sweet (smart) baby girl.  Yes, the same lil booger that gets into everything, drives me crazy, and is so needy all day long.  Ha, that's why God made them so cute, so we'd forget all that silly stuff.  ;)

I know it's been a long time- Please forgive me.  Although, one excuse I had (my laptop was broken)- is now gone.  A friend of ours from church fixed it, including the ghetto broken side!   YAY! :)