Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not exactly what I had in mind....

 Well my Martha Stewart days are temporarily delayed.  My sewing machine (which is actually my mother's) isn't cooperating- so we'll be doing some "No Sew" projects to get my feet wet (until I have someone show me how to use this!).  I admire Martha Stewart simply because she is very crafty in the garden, home decor and in the kitchen. Or Vera Wang- she's got some great lines too, but she doesn't cook- either way, you get the idea.

I have a lot of friends who have "crafty" blogs, so I figured it can't be that difficult and apparently it saves money and is really fun.  I looked over a few different blogs that had step-by-step instructions (aka sewing for dummies, woot woot- right up my alley), and decided "I am going to do this!"  I got out the sewing machine super excited to spend my afternoon creating all types of glamorous things for Brynnen & our home.    My first venture was going to be making a woven head band.  Simple- sew, braid, sew - viola!  Would have been great...if I could work the sewing machine annnndddd if I had really read the directions and realized I needed strips long enough to fit Brynn's head AFTER they were woven together.  Aw Man!  Well, lucky for me, I could use fabric glue (which I randomly had) instead of sewing, and the strips fit perfectly as a bracelet. Ha! Not exactly what I had in mind, but not a complete waste!!  And Stephen liked it, but wanted a thinner one.  SCORE!  Not exactly what I had in mind....but workable! :)

Something else that wasn't exactly what I had in mind, was this 4th of July weekend.  We had been looking to go to Stephen's brother's house (Septtro & Susan)- they had a disaster last month that kept them out of their home for over 40 days! Susan is having a little girl sometime this month, and Stephen has Monday off, so we were going to go help them get reorganized and hang out for the weekend.  Not to mention possibly pick up a bed for Brynnen & her stroller.  For some reason some we came up short on our budget, and didn't feel it would be wise to go down for the weekend.  So sadly let them know we couldn't come, and planned a quiet weekend here (getting A LOT nothing done).  We now know God was protecting their house.  We had an outbreak of HFMD (Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease) in the nursery at church, didn't think a thing about it since Brynnen didn't go to church Sunday night (where she would have been in a different room, the one that seemed to be infected) & she didn't have any symptoms (sores on her hands, feet & mouth).  She did have a mild fever & weird red bumps on her booty Thursday night, but was fine Friday.  HFMD didn't cross my mind.  However, Saturday morning she had 3 little blisters on the thumb she sucks & another blister on her other thumb.  Oh no, she has it!!  EEEKKKK!  AHHH, "don't touch mommy", ahhhh who can I text/call for help??  Sanitize the her room, toys and house!  Call the doctor?  Take her to the doctor?  Do I have it??  Should I put bandaids over the sores so they don't spread?  Yes, lets start there.  Then text a few friends for help! 

Low and behold, though this virus is annoying & icky, it's pretty harmless- but EXTREMELY contagious (especially children under 10).  Praise God we didn't go to South Carolina!  What a hassle that would have been, not only could Brynnen have infected Rilynn (& possibly other babies) but if Susan were to get it, not only would be miserable- but dangerous if the baby was born while she had it!  Oh what a headache we were saved!!!  Thank you Lord for little "inconveniences" that work out perfect in the end. 

Oh, aaannndddd.....we were suppose to be around several other kids this week, play dates, dinner plans, the gym, that for one reason or another each of those got canceled!  So Brynnen, who could have infected several other kids without knowing it, was kept contained :)  Praise God in the small things, even if they are unpleasant!!  :)  :)