Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Never gives up on me..."

The last few days I have been singing a song from Passion (Jesus Culture: One thing remains-You can click here to hear the full song).  The chorus goes:  "Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me"...   I've been singing these 3 phrases over and over to Brynnen.  She is picking them up nicely.  She loves singing and it melts my heart hearing her praise Jesus, (not that she knows exactly, but I certainly hope it stays with her). 

The last week or so Brynnen has a hard time staying in her bed for nap (which is not ok at this house).  She would rather play, or read, or do anything to stay awake.  I think it's partly knowing she can get up, and part testing boundaries.  The latter is becoming more of the normal at our house.  Love those 2's huh??  God has been so gracious, teaching me, showing me patience and giving me wisdom to handle this extra-active exploring and growth stage.  I can honestly say I enjoy it...well most of it.

Sunday, I think it was Sunday, Brynnen decided she wanted to play instead of nap- I went into her room, disciplined her, and put her back in bed.  Repeat that previous scene, twice.  I generally stay pretty calm, I'm not mad that she gets up but I do get frustrated having to discipline over and over.  It makes me question my judgment and discipline method.  I am learning that being consistent teaches her boundaries.  So the fourth time I had to go in there I really wasn't upset, but- it was getting old (I rarely have to go in more than twice).  When I opened the door she scampered back to her bed, I sighed and went to get her.  As lifted her leg to swat her bottom she said "never gives up on me...."  What? Where did that come from?  How cute!  She still got discipline, but that was precious.  Needless to say, she then went to sleep.

Her sweet voice saying "Never gives up on me..." replays over in my head.  Each time it brings a smile to my face.  A couple of things come to mind.  1, how many times do we need correction from our heavenly Father, how many times do we continually test boundaries?  He "never gives up on me."  He NEVER gives up on us!  So grateful-I cannot comprehend it.  The other "thing" I get from this is a sweet reminder from my heavenly father.  "Never give up on her, Kari.  She'll get it, and the benefit will go longer than you know."  A reminder of my job as her parent, that discipline is not vain or with no benefit.  Brynnen may continue to get out of bed during nap, eat dirt, sneak treats, hit friends, take Ella's sippy, and all of the other "moments" that make up our week, but I will never give up on her.

God has blessed me with the hardest job I will ever love.  I think I am being taught just as much as she is.  What a beautiful mess it is!!  :)

How can you not love this!  :)