Sunday, March 16, 2014

Part 2.

So. Here I am, drinking my amazing Colombian coffee (come over sometime, we can share!). Staring at the screen.  A heart full and overwhelmed, yet no motivation for this post.  I guess like Mary, in the bible, I have been "pondering these things in my heart"-(uh, no I am not insinuating I am close to holy or consider myself like Mary...except for pondering). I want to shout and sing how excited we  are, to share with all of you the amazing beauty that is Medellin, Colombia, and take you there with us!  On the other hand, I don't want to bore you with miniscule details (although to us they are not miniscule).  SO.  Here I am, drinking my coffee-(seriously, come share with me). 

That is one part of Medellin.  I have been a few places in this world, and have never seen a more beautiful city.  So many elements I love all rolled into one; mountains, city, landscape, lots of people, fresh air, authenticity.  Thank you Lord for sending us here! 

There are several stories that gave us a general confirmation of our calling (miniscule details, in a later post, maybe), but the actual confirmation came after meeting the staff, seeing the organization and mostly....meeting the boys on the farm. 
Loved them and prayed over them before we knew them- meeting was just a formality ;)  We only knew a little Spanish, but it didn't matter.  We had  SO much fun with them.  Kids don't always need words, they need love and attention.  If my own two kids weren't in 'The States I don't know if I would have come back. HA! (but seriously). 

We saw all aspects of Open Arms, Medellin and Mr. Bill (founder) shared his vision with us.  Our faith has given him faith.  Didn't see that coming-- he has been in "the field" for over 20 years, has seen God do AMAZING things in Colombia, and yet, a young couple that knows nothing except God wants them here, working with him, has given him faith.  Pretty cool.  God's plan, not ours!  He knows what you need and when.  He knows what we need, and when.

What is next.  Fundraising, moving, learning Spanish, sharing Jesus along the way.  We know from my previous post (and Romans 12:5-8) that we are all part of one body, but we DO NOT have the same function.  We work together, each with our own task to be the complete the body of Christ- doing HIS work.  For us, our specific job is to go.  And we need YOU to work with us, to continue praying for God's good hand, but also to financially send us out.  We are completely depending on the generosity of others for this mission work. Knowing God will provide completely- if He calls, he will provide. 

I was texting with a sweet friend this evening about coffee (shock), we were admiring how God didn't place coffee trees in only one area of the world.  They grow in several different regions, and how different soil, temperature, fertilization, harvest, roasting process, etc can affect the taste...all of that goes into one tiny bean that produces a very similar outcome regardless of where it is grown (dark, delicious, easy to share no matter how you prefer to drink it...or NOT drink it, Stephen).   Think of how much God puts into you.  We are from different regions, environments, families, income levels, and I think we all have different harvest & roasting processes...all of that makes us unique.  All unique, but not alone.  Just like coffee beans work better when there is more than one (even if it is chocolate coated, more is better!), the body of Christ is BOLD, and full of FLAVOR when we work together. 

Ok, can't say I have ever been compared to a coffee bean...but I love coffee, so I don't mind at all.  Do you?? :)

We are still putting together our budget and needs- this is God's time line, but we are hoping for this fall, 2014.  When we have all our funds, we will GO!  SIDENOTE: Stephen has knee surgery, finally, at the end of the month- so we need to get him healed and rehabbed before we go. 

Give us one week and we will have an opportunity for you to give, to support us financially if God leads.  We are SO excited you are on this journey with us, to make HIM famous. 

MEDELLIN IS READY....the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few.  God could be sending YOU, too.  :-)   :-) 


Susan Sene said...

Im not sure what to say. I am so excited and nervous and proud and sad....

I look forward to hearing how the Lord works through you and Stephen. This fall though?! So soon!! Ahhh!!! It's so funny to me you are going to live in colombia soon. When I would say Septtro was from Columbia (SC) most everybody would assume the country not the city. Haha. :) send us some coffee!!! ;) we will be praying!! Love u all!

mzzbev said...

I so love the way you write. Seems like whenever I'm ready to write a post, I'm so tired I can't think and my text is full of mumble jumble. Anyway....this is so exciting. I'm so proud of you guys. Uncle Don has the picture of you guys on his desk to serve as reminder to pray for you. I pray we are able to support you. I believe in your call, you work so well with people and kids and Stephen will be a great godly example to those boys, much needed there. Love you guys so much! -Don and Bev Cole